So i told yall about the casting i didnt get---tear---. Well the show is tonight & i am indeed working it. This is yall official invitation.

"Eco Trendy Under The Stars"
at the:
Gancevoort Rooftop Pool "Plunge"
2377 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Bring cash for the cause. Men & women clothing for sale.

Sponsored by Roberto Cavalli Vodka
Signiture drinks, gift bags, massages & other wellness items for you & guests to enjoy.

Its a FREE event so just come out & support a great cause. Watch what im sure will be a great fashion show & have a good time. There are two sets of shows. One begins at 9:30 & the other one at 11. Come early or come late-------just COME!


wiate: o Coco

fierce. strong-minded. determind.
she invented the "little" boy look
coined the "little black dress"
made skirts shorter & thought it was perfectly fine to dress like the men.
true rags to riches. persistant. never apologetic. challanged everything. crossed previously set boundaries & made her own.
o coco.
how i adore thee
coco chanel Pictures, Images and Photos


i love women who are productive.
women who make a name for themselves.
who shatter the mold & yell "FUCK THE STATUS QUO" every time the moment presents itself
i am motivated by women taking control.

so i have decided that every so often i will post a W(oman) I A(spire) T(o) E(mulate) post.
there are o so many fabulous women who i look up to & respect because of the work that they put in.
because of their persistance.
their drive to succeed
their refusing to take "no" as an answer.

i love the fabulosity & i deem it necessary to pass it along.
stay tuned


.random 18

everyone is always doing the random (insert number here) facts about themselves.
i've delayed doing one because everyones been doing em & i like to stand out from the pack. it seems that i'll be waiting forever though so im gonna do 18 randoms instead of however many thats supposed to be done


1. i can be a bitch. like straight up rude at times but im a real sweetheart
2. i speak creole & english fluently & can understand/somewhat speak french & spanish
3. im not always as confident as i appear to be
4. i tend to see things differently than everyone else
5. im a passionate person but im not big on showing some folks affection
6. i love everything artistic: dance, fashion, music, tattoos, art...blah blah blah
7. im a big procrastinator
8. i love sex. a lot. im borderline addicted (borderline because im not dependent on it for anything but if i could fuck every day---i would)
9. im a walking contradiction. for example: when im mean, im the meanest but every other time i am the sweetest person ever)
10. i have been emotionally & mentally abused but i dont label myself a victim
11. i'll try just about anything once
12. im an optimistic realest
13. i can be really ditzy
14. i dislike authority.
15. i wish i was born in the 80's
16. i take pride in being able to pretty much provide for myself
17. i trust no one past a certain level
18. when i want something i go get it. it could take hours, days, months, years. but i WILL get it

cant get enough

of the new Alicia Keys single. Its called "doesn't mean anything" & i love it. i dont know why but it kinda touches a nerve. I was youtube'ing it & i ran across this dude who did a cover & "hot" is not the word. he did a great job. for those of yall who havent heard the song yet in its original form, ima post the url for the A.Keys one first (they disabled the embeddeing code =(
& then im gonna put up dudes own.

Alicia Keys-Doesn't Mean Anything

J.Ray's Alicia Keys "doesn't mean anything" Cover


ma vie en noir et blanc

1st things 1st:
id like to apologize to yall for not posting recently. i have been so busy. i barely have time to sleep. & for those of yall who's blog i follow, i'll leave comments when i get a chance. i havent forsaken yall.

now that thats outta the way..lemme tell yall what i've been up to:

is amazing. i LOVE college. my classes can be demanding---not due to the difficulty of the courses but pertaining to content---but im loving the experience. i still hate the commute, simply because i have to deal with dumb asses who shouldnt be behind the wheel & cuz its so difficult to find parking. im still trying to convince moms & dad to let me stay on campus for at least the 2nd semester but, thats probably not gonna happen unless i can come up with the 5 odd stacks for room & board. we'll see. im still optimistic.

i finally got work study, so i work at school. the hours i can work are limited but the pay isint bad so im not tripping. plus when i get home i actually have time to do my homework. im about to quit my other job though. i havent worked there in 3 weeks. its time i make it official. i love my work study job though. its nothing difficult but im learning a nice little bit. its wack that it only pays once a month but its one big bulk paycheck soooo, im not tripping too hard about that. & im working in the department im majoring in. (if yall didnt know yet my major is Public Relations) plus my boss is awesomeness. shes super chill & super goofy. loves her. =)

my personal life is kinda coocky right now. college is like the place where all the hot guys & girls come together. the popular of the popular, the nerds of all nerds. everyone is the extreme version of themselves. its a beautiful thing but it can be overwhelming. as far as the dating scene goes. its mass confusion. just because you mess around with someone a couple times doesnt make yall anything. just because a guy looks at you twice doesnt mean he wants a relationship. the rules arent the same as high school. im just feeling my way around & seeing what happens.

outside of school:
im doing big things. im unofficially a part of O.I. Models (thay're suppposed to be making another cut). its based off my campus & they do major fashion shows & this year they're doing like a mini college tour ..screams.. its amazing. I love modeling. It just feels so right when im stomping down that runway. All eyes on me. I own it. Plus the dancing scenes are amazing. Its definitely not all glamorous. I leave practice & my body is aching, my feet hurt & are blistered, my toes hurt like hell (i practice in 4-5 inch closed toed heels & pumps. not smart i know but. o well). I faced rejection the first time this last Tuesday. I had a casting & i didnt get the job. I think its cuz i wasnt tall enough because the designer did say she was looking for tall amazon type women, but i think im still gonna work the show. I might be a correspondent for them. The show is this upcoming Wednesday on South Beach. Show love. I believe the designers are C.L.O.A.K

so as yall can see, i have a good excuse for not keeping up with my blog world like i used to. ima get on that tho. i miss blogging.
thanks to those who follow me one time.
xoxo babes


"Damn nigga, when i grow up..

...i wanna be just like you!" --C.T.

so yesterday i was chilling with my girls on campus & my friends roommate just found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. He was kicking it with some girl at his school & they were supposedly boyfriend & girlfriend too. The shit goes deep but im not gon put her business all out like that plus its a long story.

Shit just got me thinking like "college niggas are extra trifling".

So i was thinking like thats why you cant really get in a relationship with em. Especially the freshman, sophmores & juniors. You might could fuck around & find you a senior who's on his shit & ready to be serious. Thats slim though.

So i had this whole bright idea, just find one dude & yall just mess around. The cons with that though surpass the pros. Theres no guarantee that dude will just be fucking with you. & being that you not his girl, you cant be interrogating the nigga. Its not your business who hes with & what hes doing. But try telling that to a woman (lets face it: we're territorial/emotional creatures). But lets say you dont care who & what hes doing-----theres still that chance that you could fuck around & catch feelings. Then you gon be looking stupid cuz you will be the only motherfucker feeling some kinda way.

On the flip side though, that male companionship is o so necessary. Whether we wanna admit it or not, we all need someone of the opposite sex that we can cuddle up with, make-out & cake with. I know after a long day or during the late night hours, i want someone to kinda take my mind off that. I want someone to make me feel good. Yall know what im talking about.

& shit gets frustrating cuz its like, i dont wanna listen to you when you say you wanna be with me cuz im well aware thats code for "i just wanna fuck". & then i dont wanna fuck around with that platonic shit & catch feelings......but i do want/need that type of companionship.

so wtf is a girl to do??
i guess just wait it out & a good dude'll come along & all that but honestly shits sounding like "blah blah blah" to me right about now.
guess ima just focus on school & this money & let the chips fall as they may


2hrs. Well, 10

i was never a big Jay-Z fan.
he had certain tracks i loved (song cry. bonnie & clyde. big pimpin..girls girls girls) but he never shared the company of my fave artists.

when i heard dude was coming out of retirement i was like "ok. next." lol.
after hearing some of the tracks off Blueprint III (run this town..doa..we made history..venus vs mars)though i had to re-think that. & now----im ready to give the whole album a listen. && yea yea yea. i know it leaked & everything but, ima support this one hundred so tomorrow morn (in 50 cent voice) hahahahaha. hahaha. hahahahaha. im heading straight to K.Mart for this =)

Jason DeRulo

Ive been hearing about this dude for a nice minute now & he's def. blogworthy. He hails from Mirimar, FL (one time for the hometeam) & hes doing big things. He produces, sings, dances, acts, etc..He has a single out called "Whatcha Say" & he's holding it down. It was number one on Y100 tonight.

Hes worked with Wayne, Cassie, 7, Donnie Klang...

Wish dude nothing but success.
Peep the song below.

time will tell

"your face will be the reason i smile.

but i will not see what i cannot have forever"


todos negros

2010 Range Rover Sport Edition in Santorini Black
dream ride----------all black everything.

$60,495+additional features ($4700)=$65,195
i will own this jawn by my 23rd birthday.


.pause moment. smdh

im all for experimenting sexually & getting a lil kinky & nasty here & there but some shit is just fucking disgusting.

i was catching up on the gossip mill yesterday & i ran into this post about Lil Boosie.
This nigga was getting cerebral & the broad threw up on him. guess what this mug did....

...he dragged her to the bathroom, made her clean herself off, cleaned his dick off & then he let shorty get right back to sucking. thats freaking nasty kidd. where the fuck they do that at??
i mean, if i was a dude & that shit happened, id allow you to clean yourself up then kindly kick your ass out.

then he was talking about how he sticks extacy pills up girls ass's as they suck his dick & how they be acting all crazy & shit.
that nigga sloppy.

check that shit at your own discretion: http://www.dlisted.com/node/33726

**link via theybf.com


a fitted white v.neck

its the simplest thing in the world & i cannot find it. maybe im too picky (knowing me. thats not too far of a stretch) but gosh.

thats my must find of the moment. i've been so busy i havent had time to hunt for it but the second i get some down time boy im prowling! lol

let me know if yall have any ideas as to where i should start. i've peeped the ones Forever 21 have but they arent fitted =(

.City of God.

i 1st saw/heard about these guys last week during my schools block party. they were performing at the Power 96 beach house & left to come perform for us. their sound ranges from pop to rock to r&b. theres not a lot of info out there about them yet so i cant really say much besides what i saw. they have unending energy. they were running around & jumping all through their set---even the folks playing the instruments were getting it. lol. hotness. i co-sign.

1st pic: courtesy of the305.com
last three pics: courtesy of my camera phone

peep the link below to download their single "Fly Away"



...is so much better when you're doing it someplace you're not supposed to.

theres just something about possibly getting caught & (in my situation) his raspy voice in my ear shushing me (lol) thats really sexy.

why the fuck..

..are some folks allowed to drive??

like seriously. i commute to & from school & its like folks, especially Miami people (no disrespect), cant drive for shit.
they signal when they're not supposed to. they dont signal when they need to. they make random abrupt stops. they dont care how close your car is to theirs, they will straight switch lanes w/o looking....

now im not a perfect driver. i have been guilty of some the above mentioned things but that was when i first began driving & getting a feel for the road. i know yall prolly thinking "well. maybe theyre new drivers too..". um. i go to school 6 days a week. i doubt every single person who drives like a wacko, is brand new to the driving thing. somehow i highly doubt that.

&& these mugs will be driving so slow for no reason. this one dude was doing like 30 in a 45. i switch lanes & pass him & there is absolutley NO CAR IN FRONT OF HIM FOR THE NEXT TWO LIGHTS! like wtf dude?! what are you doing??

this other time we were in a school zone & the limit is 15. this man was doing like 5. no lie cuz i was stuck behind him looking perplexed as hell like "what is going on? why doesnt it feel like im going anywhere? i know 15 mph isint this slow. i look at my joint & shit reads 2. im like are you serious?? (blank stare)

ima just need yall to get it together please cuz i have major road rage & i will let you know if you fucking up.

**lightbulb**there was this commercial on the radio the other day about what folks were gonna pledge to do in order to be safer drivers soooooo ima follow suit.

(clears throat)
i pledge: to only text at red lights.
yea yea yea. texting & driving is against the law, i know. but sometimes that msg cant wait....dont judge me (serious face)..lol



I met this lil dude named Ty the other day. I was at registration for school & it was community service day. At one point these lil kids came through. We (myself & the other incoming freshman & team leaders) spent some time with them. We played ping pong, soccer, uno, twister...so forth & so forth.

I spotted Ty sitting by himself & i went over to him & told him to hoola hoop with me. He didnt really want to but he came outside with me anyway. I spent most of the short amount of time my group had with the kiddies with Ty & i really got to know him.

He appears to be a really good kid. He has big dreams & aspirations.
He wants to play pro football or join the army or swat. Yall shouldve seen how his eyes lit up when he was talking about it. It tugged at my heart & made me sad because theres the possibility that he could be led astray.

He's a samrt kid (he knew what "deter" means & hes like 12/13..lol". I really wish he succeeds.
Ima tell yall like i told him: 5-6 years from now i wanna be sitting in front of the tv, watching him play pro ball & living his dreams to the fullest. I dont want him to be another negative statistic.

ima keep dude in my prayers.