no flash.

upon viweing these shots: (in order of appearence) ana selezneva by hedi slimane

helena christensen & a pic from "hair storm" by solve sundsbo, i am inspired to conduct a nude shoot of my own. i've always loved nudes for the simple fact that if done properly they can be so intruiging & fresh. im planning on doing a mid december nude shoot. still thinking of a theme & who i wanna use as subjects (ex: pregnant women, athletes, tall amazon type women...etc, etc) but im having crazy, outta this world thoughts =) im dumb excited!
if yall have any ideas, i'd love to hear em. post a comment or email me: itsmariebaby@aol.com
ps: shouts to my new follwer Eury. i'll peep your work as time permits ma. later sweetums.



Thanksgiving was a BLAST.
i love my family. we are all so busy & we never have family time so it was really nice when we all came together and bonded over Thanksgiving dinner.
i don't remember the last time we all ate any meal together, let alone dinner so that was really nice.

i realized how blessed i am.
i didnt forget but i think i tend to push that to the back. i dont acknowledge my blessings on the daily & Thanksgiving made me aware of that.

The food was BOMB & everyone had a great time.
i wish my older sister & nephew could have come down from Orlando but besides that, Thanksgiving '09 was the best.

p.s.: sweet potato pie with whipped cream is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
next year i have to have a couple (yes, couple) for myself

what was ya'll Thanksgiving experience like?


passion intensified.

think BIG.
fuck dreaming
you cant get anything constructive done w. your eyes closed.

if you dont have an idea where you wanna be ten, or even five years down the road, i highly suggest you begin to ponder that.

i attended this event the other day where we had a panel of experts in the public relations field give us tips & insight about the field.
i loved it. i gained so much knowledge, i honestly feel like i can take on the world after that.
i want yall to feel the same thing.
find your niche. find something you're passionate about & pursue it!
make shit happen.

xoxo sweeties.


& this is how my speech goes..HonestScrap

Aliyah nominated me for the "Honest Scrap" award. **does victory dance** Thanks mama. Now lets get into it

The Honest Scrap Award Rules
1. Present the award to seven bloggers whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design or who have encouraged you.
2. Tell those seven people that you have given them the Honest Scrap Award.
3. Share ten honest things about yourself.

im gonna nominate:
Sergio Wonder & Co.

**shit. i only have 6 i can really give that to**

Now, ten honest things about me:
1. i always got picked on and was usually the underdog growing up. i remember back in kindergarten this 1 girl said she didnt wanna be my friend anymore cuz my hair wasnt long like hers. & i was always making the honor roll and this 1 time after a lil ceremony i got jumped while walking home & these boys broke my little trophy.

2. i dont like three out of my seven brothers & sisters just because i feel they're fake to the highest level. i purposely dont give them the time of day when they try to come in my life cuz i know its not sincere & im fine w/o em. i know thats bad cuz fam is fam but i dont even see em like they're my family. they havent been in my life since forever & a day so im good.

3. sometimes i blatantly lie to my parents about what im gonna be doing & with who. i know its wrong but fact of the matter is they make the biggest deals about the smallest shit. if it were up to them id probably be living in a bubble. life is too short for me to be worrying about all the negative things that can potentially occur when i walk out of the house. if its my time to go, its my time. whether im in the house or not. feel me? so i try & live like every day is my last cuz for all i know, it is.

4. my biggest fears include never finding that "one". i guess my "soul mate" or whatever. being abandoned. dying before i accomplish all that i want to accomplish & being forgotten when i die. im petrified of that cuz if once i die im forgotten, its as if i was never here to begin with. i wanna leave behind a legacy so i'll never really be gone.

5. im just now beginning to be comfortable being with a black man as far as a relationship or anything sexual goes. im not prejudice against em or anything but growing up they caused me the most grief and belittled me the most so in the past i was always hesitant to be with them for fear of experiencing all those feelings again & feeling like they'll never accept me.

6. i cant stand when a dude wants head but wont return the favor. nigga this is not a one way street. & i hate when girls act like sucking dick is the most disgusting thing in the world, then they go home & get on their knees, or however they choose the handle it. dont be a hypocrite. cant respect that.

7. i love reading but i never have time for it anymore. i used to carry a book everywhere. the bathroom, dinner table, bed. i always had my head in one. i remember when there was nothing better than cuddling up with a good book & getting lost in the words. i miss that.

8. you can usually find me with a pair of headphones in my ears. i listen to everything from Lupe to Sugarland to Beethoven to Cyndi Lauper. music is essential

9. im a walking contradiction. im seriously silly & speak with honest sarcasm

10. im doing big things & have even bigger ambitions. & i honestly feel like if i dont reach self-actualization i will have failed life. period. i think thats one of the reasons why i hustle so hard now. failure is not an option of mine.


executive decison.

after lots & lots of thinking, i have decided to choose celibacy over sex.

i've decided to remain celibate until i am in a meaningful relationship. none of that month & a half/2 month shit.

1. it will really allow me to weed out who is genuinely interested in getting to know me and to what extent.
i know if i was a dude & im not really into a chick like that, there is no way in hell i would hang in there for four months with no sex. its not happening. so if a dude is willing & able to do that then that tells me they're interested enough to wait & in turn, my not giving it up will earn me respect. & thats big cuz the element of respect plays a huge role in relationships..intimate or not. if someone respects you, there are certain things they wont even consider doing to you.

2. it sets up a situation where we have to actually get to know one another. we have to take the time & actually have some type of intimate conversation/interaction
**sidebar: intimacy does not necessarily relate to sex or getting physical.
good conversation stimulates my mind so thats very important to me

3. it controls the amount of people you sleep with

im a passionate person & i dont believe in always inhibiting myself so if im feeling a dude & it gets to that point where the opportunity to connect on that sexual level arises, its definitely an option of mine.
but lets face it, having a lot of partners is not cute. i take pride in being able to count the dudes i've messed with on one hand
**sidebar: im not disclosing a particular number. thats my business.
& i like to keep it like that. when you get to the point that you cant remember how many folks you've slept with, its not a good look. & theres no judgement on my part. im just saying

so..hear ye' hear ye'

i am now a member of the "dont stick me" club.

that is all


finish the lyrics!

"all i do is separate the game from the truth
big bang boots from the bronx to bolivia
getting physical like olivia newt
tricks suck my clique dick all day with no trivia
so gimme a ho, a bank roll, & a bag of weed

can yall finish the lyric?
&& no cheating!