..hearts not in it

i dont know where i want to go with this blog anymore.
i get bored easily & i guess its about that time.
it just doesnt excite me like it used to.

i love writing but i hate feeling like i have to plus my schedule doesnt allow me to post every day so i doubt this new theme i had going on will continue.

& i refuse to put my life on blast like i did previously; with growth comes change

i just dont know---i gotta sleep on this


one time for my followers!

sorry about the quality; webcam

xoxo sweetum-pops!

i must have pissed mother nature off
cuz she brought me lady in red accompanied by pain---loads & loads of it.
i retired to my bed after last nights team training [plan 'retire by age 30' is still a go]
...speaking of last night----quite interesting.

i have to go clean the fridge & asses what damage lil sis has caused since she's been awake; idk if im ready for this.

ps: i really dont wanna get up but mommy dearest should be getting home soon & id like to have her [stay] in a good mood today.
arent i just the greatest daughter.


Wacky Wednesday

just for laughs.

she THREW her!! lmao.

"im not a violent person whatsoever..." Flo

oemeffing gee. my internet connection is back!!
i was w/o it for about 3 hours [my neighborhoods network was down =(] & i didnt know what to do with myself---its really sad but i was so lost.
anywhooooo---wednesday post coming now!


truth be told
im not doing today's post.
its been a hell of a day & tomorrow is gonna be about the same.
im tired. im stressed out.
i need a moment.


Music Monday: Who That?

He left his hometown of Melbourne for Downtown NYC at the age of 23. Daniel Paul Merriweather grew up in the poorer part of Melbourne, Australia. Growing up, he would get himself into dangerous and violent situations. He never graduated high school and after working at KFC for a couple months, decided that wasnt the route he wanted to take either---thats where he decided to try his hand at music.

Music had always been a part of his life; he began playing the violin at age four and he always sung. He was signed to Marlin records in Australia and ended up deciding to not release the album he had been working on due to his and the labels conflicting views. After meeting Mark Ronson, 18 months of writing and touring, and an incident with his vocal cords that could have severley damaged his career, "Art and War" was born.

Peep the link below & get to know him:

"Pointless pop culture annoys me, where a record becomes talking fodder or cool for 6 months, then that’s where I choose to bow out!"

info via danielmerriweather.com


"dont you wanna ride on the short bus?"

lmao. enjoy

vid courtesy of worldstarhiphop.com

he came down from Jersey & we may not get to kick it before he goes back
dissapointed is an understatement



i was a bit down & frustrated last night, upon my return from a casting because of the mixed reactions to my being pidgeon--toed.
i came home & i ran across Aminata, a Victoria's Secret Angel, who is also pidgeon-toed & i felt empowered.
when this girl works a runway, she stands out in a good way. her walk is amazing.
she inspired me to get out of the stupor i was in & i realized that i cant let my being pidgeon-toed defeat me.
im gonna master it, own it, & work it.
the moral of the story is as follows, decide what it is you want, go for it; & dont stop till you attain it.


Good Thought Thursday

Do it for YOU.

when its all over if you're not happy; what was the point?

BoB ft Bruno Mars: Nothin On You



late classes + a potentially long day tomorrow.
did i mention my migraines have returned with a vengeance---i never used to get them this often.
+ this fools testing my patience.
i can only remain civil to someone who's hurt me for so long & he is pushing it.
im gonna make it a movie night-----any suggestions?

Wacky Wednesday

Its the middle of the week & if yalls week has been a third as hectic as mine has, i know you could use a good laugh.

dear indecisive mug,
im tired of you not knowing what you want. my time/emotions arent to be toyed with. what we had ended months ago---& that was all your doing, need i remind you.
so all that shit you're talking now, stop it.


Bag-It Tuesday: Or Not..

We all know how to blow money, but do we all know how to save it?
Ima take a wild guess & say we don't.
If you do: shit [tips hat]

Below you'll find some tips to keeping your pockets/pocket books off e.
1. get a roommate
this may not work for everyone. i like my space and my freedom & i hate restrictions. if you're like me when it comes to that then you're probably better off living alone.
however, if it does work for you, do it.
y'all could split the utilities and the rent. one of y'all pays for the cable, the other one can pay for the Internet.
you've just cut your spending it half---in 3rds if you're brave.

2. give yourself a monthly budget...
...& stick to it. that way you know exactly where your money is going & you're reminded of the important things. sure those $120 shoes look dope now but they wont be of much assistance when your electricity is shut off or you cant put gas in your tank

3. write down every purchase.
this is the one that'll work best for lazy people. i would do this & id get so annoyed of having to write everything down, i just wouldn't get it.
i'll be in the cafe at school like "ooo i can eat that, that, that, & that" then i'll realize that's four things to add to my list & i'll get upset like "fuck it". problem solved.

4. keep all your receipts
if you know where your money is going, its easier to track it & see what you're spending it on. when you look back on it & realize half the shit you buy was just a spur of the moment purchase, you figure out how to avoid those.

5. look for sales
ladies, there is nothing wrong with waiting till Vicky's Secret has a sale to buy some new bras and panties. & guys, its absolutley fine to buy the new J's after they go on sale.

6. give yourself an incentive
stop the spur of the moment purchases & instead save that money. at the end of a month or two, take a percentage of what you've saved & treat yourself to something nice/random.

ex: ladies, we do not need a new shade of nail polish/lip gloss/mascara every time we walk into a CVS or Walgreens. Save that money and at the end of the month, treat yourself to a night out or after a couple months, buy that new bluetooth you've been needing.

**make sure you decide on a percentage & use that same one every month. that way you're motivated to save more cuz that means you'll be able to spend more at the months end.

Be Smart guys.
Hopefully these tips help yall out some---i know they all work for me when i stick to them [yes, when. a girl has her weaknesses]
let me know if yall found it helpful or if yall tried em & the outcome.
bbl with the Tuesday post. right now, its rehearsal time.

Music Monday: Who That?

It has all the elements of a rags to riches story: a young girl living in poverty who leaves to follow her dreams & is now well on the path to stardom. At the age of 14 Tynisha Keli Soares moved to Los Angeles, a completely new city, with no friends or family, only to face more trials and tribulations.
Signed to MCA records at age 15, Tynisha joined a girl group. That didn't work out so well so she signed with a production company and later signed to Warner Brothers Records----she wasn't content with where the deal was going and after beginning her solo album, Tynisha decided to change directions. She began working with producers such as, Brian Micheal Cox, Co-Stars, and Justice League. Now, years later she is still putting work in.

Check out an interview with Ms. Keli here http://current.com/1kodc4c

Below is one of my fave tracks of hers, enjoy.

ps: i know im late with the update but i [insert shrug here]. enjoy my loves.



lmao. i just cant. smh

enjoy yall randomness for the week.
better than expected

my last day of spring break equates to mixed feelings.
ready to go back----but not really.

i must admit it has turned out better than expected though.
no crazy antics or stories to tell, but i got decent rest.
& my laptop!!! i call her Lola.

overall, lifes good.
im loved by the ones who matter.
im blessed.


Good Thought Thursday

"Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible"

who says you cant?
peace up, index down.
tell em that.

Good Thought Thursday: Bon Jovi / Audrye Sessions

Idk about yall but after watching this jawn, I wanna go make my mark on the world.

& the guys of Audrye Sessions always give me an ego boost with this one. Great band.


what had happened was...

todays post was supposed to be freaking hilarious---i had it all planned out.
but due to my wack ass internet speed. things didnt quite work out. [cue tears]
i'll be on my shit with the Wednesday posts though---if i made promises, i would insert it here.
anywhooo. hope yall all had a fantabulously productive day.

have a safe night guys.


Bag-It Tuesday: Pay Less

Whether you're a shop-a-holic like me (even though ive been on a shopping hiatus---cue tears), or you only treat yourself to some new gear once in a while, today is your day. Found some dope sales/discounts/promotions that I figure yall could appreciate.

  • shop at www.karmaloop.com today & get 15% off of your entire order using the code: 15FAB
  • footlocker.com you get free shipping on all orders over $75. use source code: IPFLT22A
  • www.dockers.com free shipping on all orders over $100 & free returns
  • married to the mob has select leggings, tee's, & sweaters on sale. ranging from $16.95-$180.95. shop here---> http://www.karmaloop.com/vendor.aspx?VendorCode=MOB
  • hellz bellz has selected items on sale from $12.95-$119.95 follow the arrow homay-----> http://www.karmaloop.com/vendor.asp?VendorCode=HLZ&bysex=2&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=search_engine&utm_term=hellz%20bellz
  • when you shop at www.bebe.com you get free shipping on all orders over $150 when you enter the code: SPRING10 before the 4th of April
wish i had more for guys but i dont really know where yall shop. **shrug**. & ladies, if i didnt cover where yall shop, i apologize.
if yall know of any other sales feel free to post em in a comment.


Music Monday: Who That?

Davidson Pierre, better known as Black or DaDa hails from Broward County in Florida and is of Haitian decent.
You may remember him from 106 & Park where he performed what would soon be his 1st single "Imma Zoe" back in 2009.

He generated quite a buzz around himself from his 1st mixtape. Honing his talent and gaining the recognition and respect of fellow South Florida artists, DJ's, & promoters.

He has many upcoming magazine features in mags such as Hip Hop Weekly, Scoop, & Lumiere.
He was recently on Billboard's Top 100 R&B/Hip-Hop chart and he just may get back up there with his new single "Round Round Round".
He will be performing at South Florida's annual block party Calle Ocho on March 14th.
Black is currently working on his debut entitled F.L.A.

Below are his 1st two singles "Imma Zoe" & "Round Round Round".

"I live through my music and my music expresses how I live" - Black aka Dada.
info via: wikipedia & www.blackdada.com

dear blog

you will soon be on a more focused path.

im changing the blog up. ive decided it needs to have more of a theme going on.
i'll still have random posts & life updates & the likes of, but the blog, overall, will have more structure.

talk to yall soon!